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Posted on: September 1st, 2012

I was so thrilled when I got a call from Marin’s mom a couple months ago telling me that she had a baby and wanted me to photograph her! I’ve known Marin’s mom for about 4 years because she was one of my son’s first preschool teachers. That classroom will always stand out in my mind for how open, friendly, and nurturing it was for my son (and for me!), so I really wanted to make this session a success.

Mom’s request for photos were seemingly simple– natural, casual photos of Marin (and some with mom and dad) in and around their home. I say seemingly simple because in-home photos can often be a challenge because of lighting constraints. It is a fine balance to use both available light and supplemental lighting in the right way so that the photos look natural, clean, and simple.

Marin’s nursery is an airy, light-filled room decorated in pinks and soft grays, and mom really wanted to capture Marin’s morning playtime when the room is filled with light and Marin is cheerful.

I love that some of Marin’s furniture was Mom’s when she was a kid, so I wanted to capture some of that in the background. I also really like the photo on the changing table– Marin loves looking at the photos of herself when she was in mom’s belly!

Marin spending some time with mom. A lot of times babies are the happiest and most relaxed when they’re in someone’s arms, but I can still maintain the focus on the child for the photos. As well, it’s just plain nice to see a smile from mom or dad, kisses, and family snuggles in the photos.

Speaking of Mom and Dad, we took some photos of the family outside in a shady spot on the lawn. We are mostly location photographers, but location doesn’t always have to mean a park or some sort of public space. Many times, your home and its environs can work perfectly.

We ended our session with more snuggle time inside with mom and dad. For the most part, mom and dad really wanted photos that starred Marin while they played supporting roles. I really think this worked well- Marin has such a great personality on camera, and even with small glimpses of mom and dad, it’s easy to tell how much this family loves each other.

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