Christina and Sol | Port Deposit, Maryland | Wedding Photography

Posted on: June 24th, 2012

Christina and Sol got married at the Donaldson Brown Conference Center in Port Deposit, Maryland. This is a gem of a venue that’s virtually unheard of, and Joe and I fell in love with it as soon as we got there.

Everything happened at the conference center, so we began inside with Christina and the rest of the ladies as they got ready.

Almost time for the wedding!

The ceremony location at the back of the mansion is breathtaking– it is set on a cliff over the river and is the perfect spot for an outdoor ceremony. The string quartet and the bagpipes were the perfect touches.

Sol and Christina see each other for the first time during the processional. They both look fabulous.

Exchanging vows, rings, and the first kiss as a married couple!

The bridal party!

The cigars were so fun! I love that they broke these out during the portraits– it made for some really great, spontaneous photos.

Joe took this portrait of Sol– it’s one of my favorite groom portraits that we’ve taken lately. Sol really rocks that uniform, too.

We took a lot of portraits of the new couple, and we couldn’t resist the cute flower girl, either.

Check out these AMAZING sunset shots.

The reception was in tent on the back lawn where everyone got to enjoy the view and watch the sun go down.

First dance– can’t you just tell how in love they are?

These were fun parent dances– smiles all around.

The best man toast– yes, that is the groom on a bike in Alps (I think) looking suspiciously naked on the projector screen.

Time for wedding cake! No smashing on this one– all love and sweetness!

Tossing the bouquet! Chirstina has quite an arm on her– good throw!

Before the sunset, a little croquet on the lawn. Noticing a British theme here yet? The wedding party and guests came from all over the world to be here.

Some dancing…

Before we left, we grabbed Sol for just a couple more portraits. He may win the prize for most photographed groom.

The end of the night. Congratulations to Sol and Christina!

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