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Posted on: September 9th, 2012

Ashley and Jon got married at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware and celebrated their reception at The Rail at White Clay Creek Country Club in Newark, Delaware.

It was an absolutely gorgeous late summer day, and Ashley’s parents’ house is so close that I could practically roll out of bed and be at their house. We arrived in time to capture the ladies hanging out and Ashley getting dressed.

Check out those shoes. You’ll see more of those later.

The mom and daughter in the mirror shot is very traditional– definitely older than I am– and is much requested by many of my clients. In fact, I often get requests for shots that are in mom or grandma’s wedding album, and I really enjoy taking them.

Some shots outside… dad even brought out the bike!

While I was with the bride, Joe was with Jon and the groomsmen as they got ready.

Immaculate Heart of Mary is a beautiful church, and we really wanted to capture both its beauty and the intimacy of the wedding mass and ceremony.

This shot was on Ashley’s Pinterest list, so we made sure to get it. I actually think we did a better job than the inspiration (the stained glass helped). A lot of clients are using Pinterest for their weddings, and we love it. It gives us an idea of your taste and preferences, and helps us get ideas for your wedding. On this day, I was the Pinterest Lady, and made sure we got as many images inspired by Ashley’s Pinterest board. We still can’t decide if we like it better in black and white or color.

We got to White Clay Creek Country Club, where it’s almost tradition to get shots taken on the gorgeous dark wood bar.

Some shots of the bridal party.

Remember the shoes? Here are some shots spotlighting those awesome, sexy shoes.

Some portraits of Ashley and Jon… This was a the perfect day at the perfect time for capturing the golden light of late summer.

This was another awesome first dance. You’ll notice through these reception photos that Ashley got picked up and twirled around a lot, and not just by Jon. That was pretty cool.

Just a few moments from the reception.

The end of the night! Instead of a guest book, Ashley and John had guests sign this big wooden “B” (the first letter of their last name). What a great idea! Also, the ampersand with the sunset shot was a cool idea.

Thanks, guys, and congratulations!

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